So much goes into making a home just right

So much goes into making a home just right, there is a lot of thought and effort put into picking the right things out and it is so easy to get it wrong. I say that it is easy to get it wrong but I am correct there, isn’t your home the one place where you can express yourself and show the world – well those who visit the real you, how can you get home d├ęcor wrong?

Truth be told it is very easy to get it wrong, some people just don’t have any style and what they express themselves is anything but class, far from it, no matter how much money you have if you have no style then you are bang in trouble!

There are a couple of female London escorts that I know who used to work part time for an interior design company, I can’t say which one because it is very well known and this company have a very long list of very important clients, clients that really don’t want to spread the word that they once had a sexy London escort in their home and the fact that they needed them because they just don’t have a clue.
an image of an escort from Rachael's London Escorts.
Rachael's London Escorts
The girls told me some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to interior designing not when it comes to escorting in London, I know most of the tricks of the trade when it comes to Dior escorts London.

An image of the London escort Bunny from Dior Escorts, a London escort Agency.
Dior Escorts - Bunny
So what the girls said was that their company used to send them to hotels, hotels? No not for escorting but for designing, the girls would book a room, they would always go to the better class of hotels, only ever in London, and book the better rooms.

From there they would take plenty of photos of the rooms and nick the ideas, you see a hotel room is just like an apartment, you have the living area, the bathroom and the bedrooms all there for you.

An image of the high class interior design of an apartment in London
An apartment in London
Do you not think it a little wrong that one of the most amazing and respected design companies in one of the most amazing and affluent cities in the world charge you to copy hotel rooms and that they send London escort girls to do the work.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong in it at all, after all, hotels are really the stylist, escorts always look really good – it's what they make their living do and a company with a London address must be really good at what they do because they need to pay for that London address!